Climate news

BBC science/nature news - British Broadcasting Corporation news

Guardian newspaper (climate section) - a UK newspaper climate change news site

The Ecologist magazine - loads of environmental articles, news and links

Independent newspaper (environment section) - a UK newspaper

Planetark - links to loads of environmental news articles on lots of subjects

Environmental News Network

Climate Ark - climate change and global warming portal

Climate (organisations)

RealClimate - climate science from climate scientists

Friends Of the Earth - loads of environmental news and campaigns. Inspirational.

Greenpeace (climate change) - their climate change campaign. Time to take action.

Climate challenge (UK Gov) - a nice UK government site aimed at increasing awareness and understanding of climate change

DEFRA (climate change, UK gov) - index of UK government climate change publications

US Global Change Research Program - assessment of the impact on the US of climate change

earthobservatory, NASA, vanishing ice - self explanatory.

US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - "a near-realtime arctic change indicator website." Loads of data, photo's etc

The Royal Society - UK's oldest science body's climate change page

US Environmental Protection Agency - a US government global warming page (theory, impacts, actions)

Climate Care - calculate your emissions, offset your carbon, help the projects

Woods Hole Research Center - a beginner's guide to global warming.

Climate (theory)

BBC (UK) climate page - an excellent, simple introduction to climate, global warming theory and effects. Also for news, general science and climate information, etc

The New Scientist magazine (climate) - climate change theory, scientific articles and news

Climate change (wikipedia) - the inevitable Wikipedia entry!

The seasons (wikipedia) - basic information about the seasons

The Earth (wikipedia) - interesting data about the Earth

Global warming (wikipedia)


US Dept of Energy Information Administration site - global energy and emissions data, by country and fuel, (very informative, and frightening)

Peak Oil (wikipedia) - have we reached the maximum oil production capacity of the planet already? Let's have fun working out what will happen next.

Energy conservation (wikipedia) - something to think about (US) - choose energy efficient home products

Rocky Mountain Institute (US) - tips on reducing your home energy consumption

Fuel efficiency (wikipedia) - has information on how many miles per gallon (or liters per 100km) walking or riding a bicycle is equivalent to. For example: the energy used in cycling is equivalent to 653mpg in gasoline/petrol terms!

Greenhouse gas emissions standards in United States transportation - a video, text and numerous links to relevant U.S. governmental documentation (thanks go to Ms. Adams and Emma)


Photosynthesis (Wikipedia)- an introduction to photosynthesis (contains numerous links to pages on related subjects)

Oregon State University (US) Botany basics - an introduction to botany - another comprehensive introduction to photosynthesis

Kremp's Guide to Photosynthesis For Kids - photosynthesis related games

Discovering Photosynthesis - an introduction to photosynthesis (link suggested by one of our student visitors - thanks Erin!)

Miscellaneous - this website is useful for explaining hundreds of things, from cars, to biology, to lots of stuff! - how to answer climate change skeptics

Save The - a site largely focusing on renewable energy products (with links to providers), but also other related areas - "promoting environmental awareness, fairtrade and a sustainable life". Has a blog and a large directory with many subject areas including: alternative energy, climate change, environmental, building etc.

Domestic Solar Panels for the UK - showcasing the latest in domestic solar technology for the UK climate.

Hot Climate - information on climate change and renewable energy

Air Conditioning - a site with numerous links to academic information on global warming. (link kindly provided by the students of the W.B.Goodwin Community Center After School Program)

AirOasis - air pollution guide - a site with information on air pollution (link kindly provided by Peyton and her mom - thanks!) - offering help to families affected by mesothelioma

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